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WINServer Package Box (Community Edition)

More than just a Web Application Server...More than just a BBS... Wildcat! Interactive Net Server is the World's Most Complete Multi-Device Internet/Intranet package providing solutions for a broad range of Internet/Intranet and secured remote access needs. WIN Server includes and combines SSL (Secured Socket Layer), WEB, SMTP/POP3 (EMAIL), FTP, TELNET, RADIUS, NNTP (News) Server, PPP server, Terminal Server, direct modem dial up technology with a secured User, Mail and File Database to give you the most complete "intranet/BBS" system of its kind! Create public or private membership, subscriber, employee, customer/client only systems for your business!
Rated by Microsoft as a TOP 100 Windows Application!

Check out how easy WINSERVER is to install and setup!

Wildcat! is the most successful commercial computer Bulletin Board System (BBS) software package in history - over 80,000 were sold connecting more than 30 million consumers.

"Wildcat!s flexibility is boundless. Besides offering clinical support to rural health care professionals, our system is integral to helping us track and control diseases across the entire state of Montana. Wed be lost without it."
- Dr. Robert Flaherty, M.D., Montana Area Health Education Center, Montana State University

iFTP     Check it Out...

One of the hottest products on the internet, the Award Winning iFTP is a powerful FTP client with a robust and advanced FTP scripting language.

Platinum Xpress     Check it Out...

Fidonet has never been as good as this! PX is an integrated Fidonet front end for WIN Server providing complete FTN support. Create P2P (Peer to Peer) Mail and Files Distribution Networks with Platinum Xpress and Wildcat!

Product Updates

The latest v8.0 AUP 454.12 (Auto Update Program) for WIN Server was released May 14, 2021. Plug and Play, Minor fixes and enhancements, new 64-bit Wildcat! Server operations! , For more information on updates to all our products, see AUP update information at the Santronics Online Support Center.

Hot News!

* Modern PCI/DSS Web Security with advanced ECDHE ciphers support! Grade A+ PCI Certification out of the box!