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Silver Xpress Mail Door

The key to cost-effective remote host operations is to provide BBS services to users offline. By providing offline services, the remote host can handle many more incoming calls, and users can expedite a variety of services without incurring connect charges or time set by the remote system.

The Silver Xpress Mail System is a sophisticated electronic mail product which is an excellent complement for any Remote Host, where the need to collect mail for offline reading is imperative. Users are in full control of the amount of mail scanned, compressed, and downloaded by utilizing pre-selected keywords and search routines.

Silver Xpress supports both QWK and the more powerful OPX mail formats and is power packed with a dizzying array of features including:

  • Full FidoNet Capability
  • Internet Addressing Support
  • Built-in Fax System
  • Mail Driven Event
  • Vacation Mail System
  • Data Entry Forms Processing
  • Multiline DESQView Support
  • Keyword Searching/Filters
  • Automatic Downloaded/Upload
  • Mail Bundling Commands
  • Built-in Assistant Commands
  • Built-in RIP Support
  • Full BBS Security Support
  • Complete Menu Customization
  • Built-in File Transfer Protocols
  • GroupWare Mail System
  • Built-in Automated Communications

Still not convinced that Silver Xpress is the world's most powerful off-line mail system, and the most powerful alternative to your existing QWK system? Then grab an evaluation copy of the Silver Xpress Offline Mail Door for your BBS.